With a BS in Data Science, you will become the next generation analyst – a data scientist with comprehensive analytical and technical skills covering all aspects of handling and analyzing data. By deriving key insights from data you will be driving the decision-making of the future. You will learn to work in interdisciplinary teams and not only make sense of vast amounts of data, but also use your organizational knowledge and market understanding to make a difference.


Data Science is exponentially growing field these days especially after the evolution of 5G and IoT applications. The specialized human resource in this field is highly in demand. Since students will be exposed to cases and other pedagogical tools, as well as interact regularly with the corporate sector, graduates are expected to be absorbed in the value-addition sectors of Pakistan, including technology, food and beverages, transportation, telecom, automotive, and the health sectors. They will also be able to engage in start-up businesses pertaining to cloud services and data mining & management technologies.


Consistent with the Department of SE Vision and Mission, the Program Educational Objectives of the study program BS Data Science are:

  • PEO 1: To produce team leaders having theoretical and practical knowledge with algorithms, instruments, techniques and methods used in field of Data Science & Management.
  • PEO 2: To produce graduates with the ability to design & analyze small and large-scale database identifying problematic components, selecting solution strategies, implementing the necessary adjustments without compromising the professional ethics.
  • PEO 3: To produce graduates with necessary skills needed to independently start scientific research with the ability to independently apply publicized results or techniques in a new context.


Semester — I

Sr. #Course Title
1Introduction to Data Science
2Programming Fundamentals
3Probability theory & Statistics I
4Calculus and Analytical Geometry
5Islamic Studies
6Academic English

Semester — II

Sr. #Course Title
1Multi variable Calculus
2Object Oriented Programming
3Probability Theory & Statistics II
4Methods in Business Writing
5Discrete Structures
6Pakistan Studies

Semester — III

Sr. #Course Title
1Linear Algebra
2Intro. to Info. & Communication Tech.
3Model & Inference
4Interpersonal Communication Skills

OR    Foreign Language I

5Data Structures and Algorithms
6Micro and Macroeconomics

Semester — IV

Sr. #Course Title
1Differential Equations
2Computer Architecture & Organization
3Methods of Data Analysis
4Business Process Analysis
5Data Communication and Networking
6Intro. to Database Management Systems

Semester — V

Sr. #Course Title
1Numerical Computing/Analysis
2Data Mining -I
3Applied Regression Analysis
4Introduction to Software Engineering
5Mobile Computing
6Theory of Automata & Formal Language

Semester — VI

Sr. #Course Title
1Principles of Management
2Introduction to Econometrics
3Data Mining -II
4Design & Analysis of Algorithms
5Artificial Intelligence
6Network Security

Semester — VII

Sr. #Course Title
1Data Visualization
2Digital Logic Design
3Time Series Analysis
4Project I
5Big Data Concept & Techniques
6Introduction to Financial Accounting

Semester — VIII

Sr. #Course Title
1Project II
2Introduction to Data Warehousing
3Big Data & Analytics
4Project Management
5Machine Learning
6Web Engineering


ProgramDuration (Minimum)Duration (Maximum)
BS Data Science4 years7 years


The criteria for students seeking admission to BS Data Science are as follows:

  • 12 years of education with 45% marks or above in Matriculation or equivalent examination and Scored 45% marks or above in Intermediate or equivalent examination.
  • Minimum score for eligibility is 50% in the ZU Admissions Test.

Note: Candidates who have completed 12 years of education and obtained degrees other than Matriculation (SSC) or Intermediate (HSSC) are required to obtain an equivalence certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC).


Application feeAdmission FeesSecurity DepositTuition FeeExamination Fee
                  2,500                   15,000                     5,000         74,000                   10,000