Studying Biomedical Engineering at Ziauddin University has widened my perspective and has given me an idea of the importance of Biomedical Engineering to maintain the healthy society. Being part of it, I have witnessed its transformation from College of Biomedical Engineering to Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology. This really widened its horizons and introduced a series of multiple events and inter university competitions. The combination of dynamic teaching methodology and lab work helped me to obtain a better understanding of the concepts. The labs at Department of Biomedical Engineering are equipped with the state of the art facilities to aid in the learning process. The dedicated faculty with expertise in their field really inspiring and it motivates me for the research-based lifelong learning. During my under-grad studies, it is pertinent to mention the mandatory visits and internships, which provided the opportunity to observe the working environment of hospitals and got insights about the Instrumentation, Laboratory setups, Critical Care and Radiology Departments. I count it as the key ingredient that boost my knowledge and expertise in handling the stress of on-site installation of biomedical equipment.

At Ziauddin University I interacted with many diverse people and made many friends. The pleasant and collaborative environment of the university helped me to appreciate the differences and taught me to convert differences into strengths. Here I learned how to create opportunities and bring positive change in the society.



“I had great time at Ziauddin University. It was very helpful in achieving my career goal and converts my struggling into real time world. ZIAUDDIN University provides outstanding facilities which inspired me to give my best. I am very thankful to all faculty members that gave me the knowledge & Confidence and have brought a new dimension into my life to achieve a successful career. I would strongly Ziauddin University. It is the best University for Engineering and Medical Education.”