Ziauddin University (FEST) Inter departmental Gaming Competition

ZUIGC’2018 was organized by ZUFEST student council on15th December 2018 and it was at its heart competitive and a depiction of positive energies. Such a gaming competition was organized for the first time in the history of Ziauddin University. The students at Ziauddin invested their blood, sweat & tears to make sure the event was able to create a niche. The participants were from various universities and colleges. The gaming competition consisted of three top tier games namely Need For Speed (Most Wanted), Counter Strike & Fifa 18. 

The participants were an amalgamation of undergraduate students from different bachelor disciplines (including different universities)  and faculty members.

FIFA 18:

FIFA 2018 was one of the games that were played by the participants .There were total 7 players competing for the title .The game proceeded with two semi-final and a final showdown between Musab and Abdul-Rehman who tried to gave their everything into the battle for the cash prize of Rupees 5000.


Another game that was played among the players was Need For Speed (Most Wanted) .It  was the presence of zeal and thrilling sensation amongst the faculty members who gave their ten thousand percent to play like seasoned players along with the student. There were approx 30 players from ZUFEST and different universities throughout Karachi. The games really picked up an even fun pace after the first round. Every round was “at the edge” as it was highly unpredictable and cut-throat.

The final show down was between Hamza Khalid and Shujaat and they both put up an amazing fight. Ultimately Hamza Khalid was crowned as the winner.

Counter Strike was the game that had the most adrenaline rush as it took the longest duration and had the most participants. It had 13 teams ,each consisting of 5 members who had gone head to head with each other for the prize money of  Rupees 10,000.It took 4 rounds to finalize the winner. The final took place between team legend and team battle 7.The home team that was battle seven couldn’t make it and the reward was taken by team legend

These  three games really stood out as it brought the best out of the players and the more coy audience’s also let loose the excitement they had been containing .The response was great as we had players from other educational institutes .ZUFEST looks forward to organize such event in coming future.

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