In order to bridge the gap between academic activities and practical exposure of Civil Construction, a site visit of under construction zone was planned on Wednesday, 21st August, 2019 for running 2nd semester students (Batch II) of Civil Engineering Department. At present, Link road campus is functional with the availability of Civil and Bio-Medical department however Pharmacy block is in under-construction phase with the Bench mark title of prestigious Sardar Yaseen Malik Block. Taking this opportunity of in-house learning facilities at Link road campus, Acting Chairperson, Engr Syed Faraz Jafri formulated this interactive field visit along with entire faculty and students while the trip was made successful in terms of learning and observing site construction activities of this mega project. This site visit has also transformed as the part of present curriculum of subjects in fact the students shall also be assessed for this activity considering OBE domain.

Initially, it was strongly suggested by chairperson to maintain safety during the visit. In this connection, safety jackets and helmets were provided as the prime safety consideration to visit any construction site. Not only that, gadgets like traffic safety cones was also utilized to barricade visitors and construction activities. Civil Engineering department is always available with safety equipment for students and lab staff ensuring practical performance on standard note. With the involvement of faculty members on particular site, Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri elaborated in detail about general construction activities like stone soling, steel placement, formation of plinth beams, concreting, formwork etc along with on-site real examples. Quick tasks related to measurements of building components were also given to students in order to get them engaged and produce interest in similar profession.

This site visit is an achievement of department which is striving hard to maintain the balance between taught Engineering courses and industrial trainings that shall be helpful for professional career of future graduates.

3rd BoS, Department of Civil Engineering, ZUFEST

3rd BoS, Civil Engineering Department, ZUFEST has done on Tuesday, 20th August, 2019 in North campus. The meeting was organized under the supervision of Convener, Acting Chairperson, Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri followed by faculty members and experts from academia and Industry. The meeting is successfully accomplished with approvals of agenda items including curriculum and courses of Engineering and Technology program along with the concept to initiate Architecture department under the capacity of ZUFEST. Important decisions are made considering inputs from expert members and market demands of Civil Engineering profession.

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