Sports Day

From Oct 9th2019, to Oct 11th 2019, ZUFEST Student Council organized EC Week i-e Extra Curricular week. The first day, Wednesday 9th Oct, 2019 was associated with sports such as Futsal and Badminton tournament. In this event there was an active participation from the female players too. The council had fixed the registration fee for each sports. We had total 30 players (both male and female players) for badminton and 30 players for futsal registered.

The Futsal had 5 teams from different departments. Each team consist of 5 players and 1 reserved member. The matches were played between teams in a league. The duration for each match was 20 minutes. Mr. Khan was the referee for the matches. The tournament proceeded with the audience of about 100 people with the students from all the department of ZUFEST morning and evening shifts & faculty members. The final showdown between the teams of biotechnology vs. biomedical was a nerve wracking experience as both team tied the match. To finalize the results each team was given 3 penalties in which team Biotech won the tournament.

The badminton tournament was whole another experience, as there were 30 players i.e. 20 boys and 10 girls, 3 pools were formed to proceed the matches .The matches were played in pairs. From pool A the final contestants were Huzaifa Ashraf and Nadeem Shah from Bio medical department who confronted final contestants from pool B consisted Muhammad Bin Amjad and Sheharyaar from electrical department who won the male doubles final.

While pool C consisted of female players who showed the equal spirit in the game. The finalists were Fizza and Bisma from Biotech department who were ready to face off Seerat and Haya from Biomedical and BBA respectively. Female doubles final was won by Seerat and Haya.

There was an arrangement for all the attendees to witness the sports. The whole experience was a source of enjoyment for every one as it gave us a source of unfading memories.

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