Proteus simulation and PCB designing

This workshop was organized by ZUFEST on February 23rd, 2019 and Engr. Taha Shahzeb (NPEC Pakistan Navy) was called to deliver a lecture and demonstrate the designing and fabrication of a PCB.


Designing the PCB:

The Protues software was introduced and a short tutorial was given on how to use the software to design and simulate a common circuit. The circuit practiced in the workshop was a water level circuit used in water tanks.

Fabrication of the PCB:

After the water level indicator circuit’s schematic and graphic simulation had been completed, the students were taken to the ZUFEST garden for the physical part of the workshop. A copper sheet was sawed keeping the dimensions of the circuit in mind. Then the designed circuit was printed on this circuit board.

The board was prepared and treated with Ferrous Chloride solution. After which it was drilled and fitted with the required components to complete the circuit.

The workshop was an overall success and the students had took advantage of the opportunity that had been given to them by the University. Useful information was gained, and the students got hands on experience of printing the circuit boards individually under the observation of the experienced trainer.

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