IEEEP All Pakistan Students’ Seminar

Jointly organized by NED University and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan, the 34th IEEEP All Pakistan Students’ Seminar took place on January 15th, 2019 in Karachi Pakistan.

About 25 presenters from 12 different universities took part and demonstrated various projects. Their presentations covered topics on Energy, Power, Electronics, Biomedical, computer systems, AI etc., and gave a very diverse but inter-disciplinary flavor to the event.

The participants were fresh graduates and the purpose of the event was to demonstrate the ideas and capabilities of the engineers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

4 of the projects displayed were from the graduating students of ZUFEST (Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology).

Mahwish moiz,Javeria Jawed , Aneel John and Ibad ur Rehman presented a project on ‘Mobility analysis aid for lower limb disabilities using static walker.’ This project won 2nd position in the Gold category. It was supervised by Dr.Muhammad Asif and Engr.Nazia Ejaz.

Luqman Hashim, Maryam Younus, Rumaisa Amin and Moied Akhtar presented a project on ‘Gloves for monitoring Hand Motions’. This project won 1st position in silver category. It was supervised by Dr.Sarmad Shams and  Engr.Salman.

Other projects included a ‘New and inventive automated treatment system for chemotherapy drug preparations’ by Syed Hasnain, Ahmed Anwer, Areeba Shakeel, Mustafa Khan.It was also supervised by Dr.Sarmad Shams and Engr. Waqad Ali.

Dilawer Hussain, Alishan Gangani, Abbas Khan, Nadeem Shah also participated and presented a project on ‘Design and development of human leg motion recognition and classification system using artificial Intelligence techniques’. Their project was supervised by Dr.Munaf Rashid and Dr.Sarmad Shams and.

The event was overall successful and gave the graduate’s opportunity to present their work to a wider academic community and gain useful feedback, critique and appreciation.

We congratulate all the winners and hope that Ziauddin University (FEST) will play a more important role in bringing a revolution in the field of technology and will make Pakistan a more prosper country.

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