Beach Party

From Oct 9th2019, to Oct 11th 2019, ZUFEST Student Council organized EC Week i.e. Extra-Curricular week. The last day, Friday 11th Oct, 2019, it was decided to wrap up the week at the beach. Thus turtle beach was the fine spot for the picnic. The council had issued passes for registration and the response was very positive.

The students began to gather starting from 8:00 AM, there was an excitement to see and anticipation to feel. Few sports goods and first aid kit was put into the buses in case of need. Two fully packed buses left the university around 9:15 AM. The student already began to capture pictures and munching snacks on the way while some were jamming on the songs played.

The buses reached the destination at around 10:30 a.m. The students immediately rushed towards the hut. The ground floor was allotted to the male students and faculty while the upper storey was for the ladies. After putting their belongings in the rooms the students rushed towards the water and already began to splash into the water while other began to ride camels, horses and Jet Ski.

Soon the scrumptious aroma of halwa poori with vegetables and chick pea curry filled the air and the students began to get plateful of everything. The breakfast ended by the serving of hot tea. The students resumed their activities and began to release stress in the sea water. Beach volley was played and a lot of swimming was done .the presence of life guard was a relief as students were going pretty deep into the waters.

At 1:00PM the buses left for the mosque for the Jumma prayers and returned after sometime. Around that time the lunch was served that included the starter, the crispy wonton while the main course was delish biryani with salad and raita along with chilled cold-drink. For sweet dish frozen crunch kulfi along with falooda was served to make life even sweeter. Faculty was equally enjoying the moment and were getting soaked in the sea waters. The time flew by without us realizing it and soon it was time to return. With heavy heart and sad faces the students began to pack up their stuff and began to walk towards the buses.

It was an enjoyment like no other as we all forgot our other worries and enjoyed the time there to the fullest and made memories that we all will cherish forever.

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