Aloha Novato 1.0

On March 9, 2019, ZUFEST Student Council held a welcome party for freshers and farewell for pass out batch by the title of Aloha Novato 1.0 in Janus Banquet.

The purpose of university management to organize a Welcome & Farewell Party for the student of ZUFEST, was to have a great start as a treat for the newcomers of this year and a farewell for students of Batch-6 who have their convocation in year 2019, so they can have a last chance to cherish their time at the university with us.

The program started by Munira Muhammadi from Biomedical Engineering and Raza Ansari from Software Engineering hosted the entire event. The program proceeded with the audience of about 200 people with the students from all the department of ZUFEST morning and evening shifts &  faculty members who included, Dr. Fahad Azim (Associated Dean) Dr. Munaf Rashid (Chairperson Software Engineering Department), Dr. Sarmad Shams (Chairperson of Biomedical Engineering Department), Engr. Shehzad Naseem (Chairperson Management Technology Sciences Department), Engr. Abdul Rashid Memon, Engr. Syed Waqad, Engr. Salman Marfatiya, Engr. Ali Asghar, Engr. Ashfaque Ahmed, Engr. Mohsin Khan, Engr. Vanesh Kumar, Engr. Nazia Ejaz, Engr. Kamran, Engr. Mehfooz, Engr. Taha, Miss Tooba Munir, Engr. Sadia Aziz, Miss Tabinda Naveed, Miss Faiza Inam , Sir Sarmadullah, Sir Hamza, Sir Waleed Ahmed & Engr. Umer Ahmed.

Furthermore; the speech from Areeba Afzal in which she cherished her time at the university. Then Alishan & Huzaifa Ashraf took the stage for giving the titles to batch 6th along with their fine sense of humor. Then students from various departments showed their talent in singing and civil department took the floor with their traditional dance performance. After that the newcomers Talha Saleem from Biotechnology and Shehzeen Fatima from Biomedical Engineering shared beautiful piece of poetry with us. Then Aneel John Edger from the pass out batch did an amazing standup comedy. Hareem from Biomedical Department sang an amazing song with the Sensational Band, one of the best in Karachi that had the youngest 8 years old drummer of Pakistan. The whole event was not possible without the executive committee of ZUFEST student council, & volunteers.

There was an arrangement of scrumptious lunch for all the attendees. The whole experience was a source of enjoyment for every one as it gave us a source of unfading happy memories.

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