6th Board of Faculty Meeting for ZUFEST

6th Board of Faculty (BOF) meeting of ZUFEST was held on Thursday, February 28th 2019. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Fahad Azim (Associate Dean of ZUFEST). The meeting was started with recitation of Holy Quran by Dr. Sarmad Shams. After that Dr. Munaf Rashid (Secretary BOF) presented agendas to the members with the permission of worthy Associate Dean. Every department bring minutes of their concerned BOS as one of agenda items in BOF. ZUFEST Undergraduate policy was the main matter of discussion and thus through detailed discussion the house approved that Policy, which will implement w.e.f Batch-2018 and onwards.

Following members 6th Board of Faculty (BOF)

  1. Dr. Fahad Azim (Associate Dean/Convener BOF)
  2. Dr. Muhammad Asif (Chairperson, Electrical Engineering)
  3. Dr. Munaf Rashid (Chairperson, Software Engineering & Secretary BOF)
  4. Dr. Sarmad Shams (Chairperson, Biomedical Engineering)
  5. Zubair Iqbal Rao (Associate Chairman, Civil Engineering)
  6. Shahzad Nasim (Chairperson, Management Technology & Information Sciences)
  7. Dr. Abdul Aziz Ansari (Professor, Civil Engineering)
  8. Dr. Saad Jawaid (Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering)
  9. Syed Waqad (Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering)
  10. Salman (Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering)
  11. Vanesh Kumar (Lecturer, Software Engineering)
  12. Zareen Hussain (Deputy Director/Nominee, QEC, ZU)

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