3rd Board of Studies Meeting for Software Engineering Department

Third Board of Studies (BOS) for Software Engineering Department was held on September, 4th 2019 in ZUFEST Board Room. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Munaf (Convenor BOS/Chairperson of Software Engineering Department).

The meeting was started with recitation of Holy Quran by Engr. Mohsin Khan. After that Engr. Vanesh Kumar (Secretary BOS) presented agendas to the members with the permission of worthy Chairperson.

Experts from academics and industry has discussed and approved the core points of Second BOS meeting with full confidence, also they put some suggestions to improve curriculum, attainment of PEOs and Survey forms. Inline with the latest curriculum by NCEAC, the Chairperson presented the updated Scheme of Studies of BS Software Engineering (Batch-2019 and onwards), which was approved by members of the house.

Following were the members participated in Third BOS meeting:

  1. Shehzad Hasan (Chairperson, Computer Information Systems Engg., NEDUET)
  2. Sheikh Faisal (Account Manager, IBL-Unisys Key)
  3. Zareen Hussain (Deputy Director/Nominee QEC, ZU)
  4. Vanesh Kumar (Lecturer, ZUFEST)
  5. Mohsin Khan (Lecturer, ZUFEST)

Items Approved:

Minutes of 2nd BOS, PEOs attainment criterion for Software Engineering department, Scheme of Studies for BS Software Engineering (Batch-2019 & Onwards)

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