Commencement Day 2019

Faculty of Englneering Science & Technology, Ziauddin University welcomes Batch of 2019 on Commencement Day

BBQ Party

Rock the BBQ party and musical night at ZUFEST, organised by Student Council ZUFEST. Event held on 7th September at North campus

ZUFEST students pay tribute to martyr Rashid Minhas (NH)

The Faculty of Engineering Science & Technology (ZUFEST), Ziauddin University in a series of celebrating Defence Day on 6th September with the theme of “Humain Pyar Hai Pakistan Se” yesterday visited Nishan-e-Haider Rashid Minhas Shaheed’s grave and offered Fateha.

Dr. Samreen Hussain, Dean of the ZUFEST on this occasion paid rich tributes to the martyr and his family who gave sacrifice for safeguarding the country. The death of a martyr is the life of the nation. We salute to the martyrs of Pakistan and their families, she said.

Defence Day is being celebrated on September 6 to mark the 53rd anniversary of the 1965 war with India and the sacrifices of the Pakistan armed forces who fought valiantly to defend the homeland. The day is celebrated across Pakistan every year to pay tribute to the sacrifices of the soldiers who fought valiantly and martyrs who laid down their lives to protect the motherland.


Ziauddin University Link Road Campus

Civil engineering students performing surveying practical at Link Road Campus using protective equipment and accessories

Independence Day Celebration

Celebrating Independence Day with the daughter of Sir Dr. Ziauddin , great academician and founding member of Aligarh Muslim University which played key role in Pakistan movement.


Department of Civil Engineering, ZUFEST has organized a Poster Presentation session on 7th August, 2018 at Link road campus for the students. The presentation was assigned for the course work of Civil Engineering Materials followed by the instructor Assistant Professor Engr. Khawaja Sheeraz. Students have participated in the presentations effectively in order to give different ideas for the properties and composition of various metal works. In order to bridge the gap between course and field work, students also elaborated the usage of Ferrous metals as reinforcement work, the main entity of Civil Engineering structures. The activity was successfully accomplished with indigenous sharing of knowledge.

Workshop on Outcome Based Education (OBE) implemented on Campus Management System

Date of event: Wednesday, 11th July, 2018

Venue: ZUFEST Auditorium

Speaker: Mr. Sharafat Ali (CMS and Software Developer)

ZUFEST hold multiple workshops/seminars for faculty members, students and staff  for  hands on training on training current trends of Engineering Education in Pakistan i.e. Outcome Based Education (OBE).    Prof. Dr. Munaf Rashid, organized 4th interactive workshop on development of Campus Management System for Outcome Based Education OBE implementation. Representatives of   Biomedical, Civil, Electrical and Software Engineering Programs, along with the heads of department, and representatives from IT department Mr Omer Farooq and Mr Shannan Varind were present in the training session.


The speaker Mr. Sharafat Ali presented different modules of Campus Management System (CMS) required in the handling of  OBE. .  The speaker emphasizes on handling of entire OBE system parameters in a very efficient, automatic and collective manner, which can meet the requirements of Pakistan engineering Council (PEC). Further he had given many suggestions in mapping Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) to Course Learning Outcomes (CLO), and how activities are planned against each CLO. Mr. Sharafat Ali also shows the capability of campus Management System in handling of Bloom’s Taxonomy levels in each CLO and PLOs and their order in courses with pre-requisites.


The speaker practically demonstrated those parts of Campus Management System (CMS) which manages the examination and academic activities on Out Come Based Education (OBE) frame work, i.e.  Assessment types, Marks distribution, Course Learning Outcome (CLO), Programming Learning Outcome (PLO), CLO-PLO attainment summary as well as different graphs and charts of multiple functions were also managed by the system.

Overall the session was very informative and based on experiential learning for the faculty members of ZUFEST who are working on OBE System.

Green Day at Ziuaddin University

In order to produce and built green environment, an activity regarding Plantation entitling Green Day had done at Link Road Campus on Monday, 25th June, 2018. The activity was planned by Department of Civil Engineering, ZUFEST. All faculty members have placed their own Neem plants (Total 7 plants) at particular place in campus which is basically one step forward and vision for clear and unpolluted environment for our beloved city Karachi. The activity was started from the plantation works by our respected chairpersons Engr. Prof. Dr. Ghulam Bashir Pirzada and Engr. Zubair Iqbal Rao then other faculty members and students of Civil Engineering Department has participated individually in this green environment activity.

Blood Camp

Ziauddin University in Collaboration with Indus Hospital organized Blood Donation Camp at Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering Science and technology on July 11,2018.The event started with the awareness session delivered by Mr. Ahsan (Assistant Marketing Manager, Indus Hospital) on the importance of blood donation by the significant contribution that a individual can make towards the society by donating blood.

Dean ZUFEST along with the Head of Department of Electrical Engineering Department, Software Engineering Department & Biomedical Engineering Department visited the camp & encouraged the students.

Faculty & Students of ZUFEST showed great interest & actively participated in the activity after the complete monitoring of their basic parameters by the allocated team of Indus Hospital.

Seminar on “The Multiple Perspective of Foreign Scholarships”

Date of event: July 9, 2018

Time of event: 12:30PM-2:00PM

Venue: ZUFEST (auditorium)

Number of attendees: 60approx.

Speaker: M.Ayaz Khan

On July 9, 2018, ZUFEST held a seminar in the auditorium by the efforts of Engr.Umer Ahmed and Student Council that includes Patron Engr.Adnan Baig, President Luqman Bawany, Vice president Areeba Shakeel, General Secretary Hamza, Treasurer Hafsa Ghazal,Executive Director Marketing Tamima Imtiaz and Executive Secretary Nimra Mehmood. The speaker focused on the methods to acquire foreign scholarships especially in USA and European countries.

The program startedat 12:40 PM with Qirat .Areeba Shakeel hosted the program .The program proceeded with the audience of about 60 people with the faculty members who included Dr .Munaf (Acting Dean&Chairperson Software Engineering Department),Dr .Sarmad Shams(Chairperson of Biomedical Engineering Department),Dr. Iqbal Bhatti, Engr. Salman Marfatiya,Engr. Sidra Agha,Engr. Ali Asghar,Engr. Nazia Ejaz,Engr.Talha,Engr.Adnan and Engr.Umer Engr.Ashfaque.

The speaker was Dr. M. Ayaz Khan, who is Clinical MR Scientist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.He discussed about his higher education, PHD in MR in radio imaging and post docs.He informed the students about the methods to acquire foreign scholarships, the need of higher education and the importance of knowing yourself before choosing a career. The session ended with highly interactive question answer session with the students.

At the end Dr.Munaf gave a thanking note and the guest speaker was given a souvenir with warm wishes from faculty and the student council. There was an arrangement of refreshment for the guest and Head of Department while the student attendees were provided with the juices. Our photographers Hasnain Ali Rizvi and Aneel John Edger captured these important moments.

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