Vision Statement

Exploring unchartered waters of knowledge to make the world a better place to live.

Mission Statement

Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering Science & Technology (ZUFEST) aims to create robust and well-led academic units that produce efficient & agile engineers with improved research base to facilitate the development of an ambitious blueprint for continued growth in knowledge based economy.”


ZU has been running College of Biomedical Engineering for last nine years. After sustaining and consolidating an engineering unit now it’s time to grow and expand. As per the directives of worthy Chancellor the Engineering Science and Technology knowledge areas are being integrated as Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering Science & Technology (ZUFEST) to offer bachelor degree programs with full consent and consultation of concerned regulators.

ZUFEST aims to develop as a “contributing community” than just an academic unit. We are focused to provide an environment where faculty, students and staff should be motivated ambitious and willing workers. The bonding should be such that future alumni themselves take lead to help their alma mater grow and develop.

Leadership of ZU is mindful of the fact that inner strength of any organization lies with its human resource. Therefore, capacity building of existing manpower and attracting new highly qualified workforce is prime focus of ZUFEST. The highly qualified faculty is on board to support the Vision & Mission of the organization. ZUFEST is striving hard to be known for its different pedagogic approach equipped with interactive learning tools & case study based teaching and a research base where research is conducted for a bigger purpose than just a publication. ZUFEST targets to emerge as one of the most responsive research unit to upcoming opportunities and social issues.

Moving forward in the pursuit of opening up new horizons, ZUFEST is aiming to launch programs in line with the market needs. Our objective is to produce graduates in the disciplines which are not saturated hence having high job scopes. Entrepreneurial attitude shall be the highlight of ZUFEST graduates. They should have potential to be the market leaders than just a job seeker.

To begin with ZUFEST is offering BS Software Engineering (shall be NCEAC accredited) & BS Electrical Technology programs this year. BS Electrical & Chemical Engineering Programs shall be next in line.


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