The vision of the department is:

 “Our graduates to be recognized as innovators, leaders and experts in the area of research & development, implementation and evolution of Software Engineering.”


The mission of the department is:

 “The Department of Software Engineering aims to produce graduates equipped with latest tools and technologies for the development of a knowledge-based economy in Pakistan. Along with academic learning our ambition is to produce software engineers as successful innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers with emphasis on professional and social ethics for dynamic and global career.”


Software Engineering derives its essence from computer science as other engineering disciplines do from natural or life sciences, with an emphasis on issues of process, design, implementation, maintenance, analysis and verification providing a strong foundation in engineering principles and practices as applied to software development.

Software Engineering and computer science differ in much the same way as do Electrical engineering and Physics. Generally, engineering should be concerned with applying what we already know to create products, while science is more theoretical. Therefore, the goal of computer science, according to Parnas, “is to learn and extend the science”. Software Engineering on the other hand aims to use the science and technology already available to create products and tools for use.

ZUFEST offering a four year degree program (133 Cr. Hr.) with a balanced mix of Computing & Software development subjects. The SE graduates develop, design and assess software that a computer uses to function. The problem solving skills are keys to the success in this endeavor. A software engineer can find its place to study existing apps, develop new software modules & programs or maintain the computer applications in a software house, IT firm, Bank etc. The average salary of Software Engineer ranges between 45,000 to 150,000 PKR. They can grow exponentially if keep updating the skill set with market needs. There’s a huge market for freelance SE graduate (Entrepreneur).


Pakistan’s share of global I.T. sales is now $2.8 billion (up from $ 30 million in year 2000) (New York Times, Aug. 10, 2015)

Pakistan growing: About 1,500 registered firms and 10,000 IT grads entering the market annually (Washington Wire, 18th May 2015)

Pakistani programmers market ranks as No. 3 country in the world for supplying freelance programmers — behind only the United States and India. Pakistan’s freelance programmers already account for $850 million of the country’s software exports (New York Times, Aug. 10, 2015).

Department of Electrical Engineering is offering following programs: