The vision of the department is:

“To be the best at serving society with the acquired skill set in the domain of Electrical Engineering and Technology”


The mission of the department is:


“To impart quality education in electrical engineering and produce graduates that conduct research, develop technologies and contribute to the national and international scientific and socioeconomic growth”


In the field of engineering, Electrical Engineering organized with the study and applications of electrical systems and electricity which include the power generation, distribution, transmission, utilization, communication, control and /or mechanical system for industrial and domestic usage. Electrical Engineering comprises of electronics, computer, instrumentation, communication and control engineering. Therefore, Electrical Engineering is essential for all engineering disciplines and its scope is vast and unlimited. The applications varies from design, commissioning, production and testing of hydroelectric, thermal and renewable as well as nuclear power plants, to the domestic and industrial consumption and appliance control. There are remarkable career opportunities for an Electrical Engineer especially in Pakistan as well as in other developed countries across the world. The current economic and industrial growth in Pakistan also increased the demands of an Electrical Engineering many folds in industries, education and research institutes.

Ziauddin University, Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology (ZUFEST) is offering following programs in the department of Electrical Engineering:

  1. B.S. Electrical Engineering
  2. B.S. Electrical Technology
  3. M.S. Electrical Engineering
  4. Ph.D Electrical Engineering