Inter-University Project & Poster Competition

Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology organized an inter university project and poster competition from the platform of ZURIC on December 22nd, 2017 in order to make the students more informed regarding the current developments in engineering fields and market need.Projects from different universities, prominently Hamdard University and SirSyed University participated in their full strength. After the recitation of holy Quran, Engr. Sadia Jangda welcomed the participants, guest and the faculty.A panel of three judges comprising of Engr. Syed Waqad Ali, Engr.Salman Marfatiya and Engr. Sidra Abid Syed was set up toevaluate and judge the participating projects. At the culmination of the evaluation, the chiefguest of the event Engr. Junaid Khan ,Head Biomedical Engineering Department, National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease was invited on the stage to declare results and award the winners.As a sportsmen spirit ZUFEST left house open for external participants.

The title for winner poster was ‘Smart Projector’ comprising team members, Mr. Hamza Saleem and Mr. Aashir Ali from Hamdard University and the title for winning project was ‘Devil’s whisper (VR game for Ocular rift)’ having members, Mr. Usama Qureshi, Mr. Muhammad Salal Khan, Mr. Danyal Athar and Mr. Ahtesham Khan from Sir Syed University were awarded with the certificates and cash prizes. Whereas all the participants were given the certificates of participation.

In-house students participated in the competition but were not included in the evaluation in order to honor the guest universities.The chief guest was given a souvenir by the Dean ZUFEST, Engr.Prof.Dr. Samreen Amir. The ceremony ended at the vote of thanks by Engr. Adnan Baig.

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First orientation day of Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

First orientation day of Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology took place on 22nd December 2017. Students and their families came to attend the event. The idea was to familiarize the students with the vision and mission of ZUFEST and to brief them about the policies, and facilities of ZUFEST.The session started with the recitation of holy Quran by Mr. Sarmadullah , then Engr.Prof. Dr. Samreen Amir warmly welcomed the students , shared the road map of ZUFEST. Chairperson of Civil Engineering Department, Dr.Ghulam Bashir Pirzada, Chairperson of Biomedical Department, Dr.Sarmad Shams, Chairperson of Software Engineering Department, Dr. Munaf Rashid and Chairperson of Electrical Engineering department, Dr. Muhammad Asif, briefly introduced the students with their departments and laboratories. Mr. Rizwan Khan and Mr.Muhammad Zubair Mughal, representative Examination Department discussed the Examination rules and regulations, Miss Tabinda Naveed, Assistant Librarian, gave an overview of Library facilities available at ZUFEST including the access of HEC digital library. In the end vote of thanks was conveyed by Engr.Sidra Abid Syed.Hi-tea was offered to Students and their families as a gesture of hospitality from ZUFEST.

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1st Board of Studies (BOS) of Civil Engineering Department

1st Board of Studies (BOS) of Civil Engineering Department, Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering Science & Technology was held on Thursday, 21st December, 2017. The meeting was chaired & co-chaired by Chairman, Engr. Prof. Dr. Ghulam Bashir Pirzada and Associate Chairman, Engr. Zubair Iqbal Rao, respectively. Assistant Professors; Engr. Abdul Rashid Memon, Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri and Engr. Khawaja Sheeraz were also the present. Renowned Professors like Engr. Dr. Abdul Samad Khan and Engr. Shahid Saleem were invited as external members to share their expert opinion and input. To bridge the gap between academia & industry; Engr. Lt. Col. (R) Muzaffar Ghouse, A/ Director, Lands & Askari colonies management, Former Director Town Planning and Building control DHA, Karachi and Engr. Rameez Bilwani, Principal, Yakoob & Rameez Associates, Karachi participated as experts to help developing the curriculum close to market needs. The agenda of meeting includes vision & mission statement, curriculum of BS Civil Engineering and its implementation on Outcome Based Evaluation (OBE) model. Program Educational Objectives in connection to Program learning outcomes were also discussed and recommended to Industrial Advisory Board of ZUFEST.

Seminar on Career opportunities for BM Engineers

Seminar on Career opportunities for BM Engineers was held on Wednesday, 1st-Nov, 2017 in Ziauddin University-Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology.
The speaker shared her personal experience as Female Service Engineer in Healthcare Industry
Engr. Hina Zafar Bhatti
(Service Engineer, Memon Medical Institute, Karachi, Pakistan).

An interactive Seminar on Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Apps Development, and AI applications in Biomedical technology

An interactive Seminar on Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Apps Development, and AI applications in Biomedical technology was organized by on Tuesday, 24th October, 2017. The speakers had described their past projects,current projects and future workings.
The projects include leapGo, Skycam(drone) and MeCARthy (Self driving car). Speaker:
Faraz Hussain & Nimra Ghazal

Dawood School MagnifiScience Exhibition-2017

Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology had participated in MagnifiScience Exhibition-2017 which was held at Dawood Public School, Karachi during 6-8 Oct, 2017.
The faculty and the Students had actively participated.
Final Year Projects, Rehabailtion Lab, was part of the activities of the event from ZUFEST && ICU Room Demonstration by Hospital Staff of Ziauddin Hospital.

2nd All Pakistan DUHS-DICE HEALTH INNOVATION Exhibition

The Smart Drug Surveillance System monitors a patient’s compliance to their prescribed medical treatment. Drug is most effective when taken at its appropriate time and with prescribed dosage. It is quite common for patients to skip doses or consume little or more of the drug than is required. These are the negligence that the Smart Drug Surveillance System aims to cater.

The system is a microcontroller-based measuring tool. It’s integrated with GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) technology, which will send reports via SMS to the concerned, intimating them about the medicine dosage. The system works with the household ac-source but in case of power breakdown, it can function with an attached battery as well. It is cost-effective and user-friendly means of monitoring medication.

Convocation 2017

Ziauddin University awarded over 300 degrees to the graduating students for various disciplines at the 14th convocation, held at the Expo Centre.

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