The Inauguration ceremony of ‘Jamia Masjid’

The Inauguration ceremony of ‘Jamia Masjid’ was held at the Ziauddin University, Education City, Super Highway-Link Road on the 7th death Anniversary of the founder of Dr Ziauddin Hospital, Dr Tajammul Hussain.

Dr. Asim Hussain, Chancellor, Ziauddin University, paid tribute to his father and founder Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Dr Tajammul Hussain on his immense hard work in the creation of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital.

“I am honored to announce that this mosque is the first and only to be built in Karachi Education City with all the modern facilities and great infrastructure. It is a blessing that we got an opportunity to build a mosque not only for students but also all the people living nearby. This mosque was built with intend of my father reaping the rewards and benefits of all the prayers offered here in his afterlife. May his soul rest in peace,” said Dr. Asim Hussain.

All family members, Sardar Yasin Malik, Chairman, Hilton Pharma, Prof. Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddique, Vice-Chancellor, Ziauddin University, Prof. Anwar Ahmed Zai, Executive Director, Ziauddin University Education Board, Prof. Abbas Zafar, Dean Faculty of Health Sciences, Prof. Anwar Ejaz Baig, Advisor to Chancellor, Engg. Capt. (R) Syed Waqar Hussain, Registrar, Ziauddin University, and a large number of students and faculty members offered prayer, recited fateha and Quran for Dr. Tajammul Hussain.

3rd Board of Studies Meeting for Software Engineering Department

Third Board of Studies (BOS) for Software Engineering Department was held on September, 4th 2019 in ZUFEST Board Room. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Munaf (Convenor BOS/Chairperson of Software Engineering Department).

The meeting was started with recitation of Holy Quran by Engr. Mohsin Khan. After that Engr. Vanesh Kumar (Secretary BOS) presented agendas to the members with the permission of worthy Chairperson.

Experts from academics and industry has discussed and approved the core points of Second BOS meeting with full confidence, also they put some suggestions to improve curriculum, attainment of PEOs and Survey forms. Inline with the latest curriculum by NCEAC, the Chairperson presented the updated Scheme of Studies of BS Software Engineering (Batch-2019 and onwards), which was approved by members of the house.

Following were the members participated in Third BOS meeting:

  1. Shehzad Hasan (Chairperson, Computer Information Systems Engg., NEDUET)
  2. Sheikh Faisal (Account Manager, IBL-Unisys Key)
  3. Zareen Hussain (Deputy Director/Nominee QEC, ZU)
  4. Vanesh Kumar (Lecturer, ZUFEST)
  5. Mohsin Khan (Lecturer, ZUFEST)

Items Approved:

Minutes of 2nd BOS, PEOs attainment criterion for Software Engineering department, Scheme of Studies for BS Software Engineering (Batch-2019 & Onwards)

Meeting of 3rd Board of Studies

Third Board of Studies (BOS) for Electrical Engineering Department was held on September 05, 2019 at 03:00 PM in the Board Room of ZUFEST, North Nazimabad Campus. The meeting was chaired by Engr. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif (Chairperson and Convener BOS, Electrical Engineering Department). Academic and industrial experts has discussed and approved the minutes of second BOS meeting with full confidence. The agenda was approved which includes curriculum and courses related to Engineering and Technology program. Important decisions were made following the industrial demands. Meeting ended with the closing remarks and vote of thanks by the Chairperson of Electrical Engineering Department.

The following members participated in the meeting:

  • Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Munaf Rashid (Associate Professor, ZUFEST)
  • Hassan Farooq Janjua (Deputy General Manager, K-Electric, Karachi)
  • Furqan Ahmed (Senior Manager Electrical, Pakistan Security Printing Corporation)
  • Syed Waqad Ali (Assistant Professor, ZUFEST)
  • Ashfaque Ahmed (Senior Lecturer, ZUFEST)


In order to bridge the gap between academic activities and practical exposure of Civil Construction, a site visit of under construction zone was planned on Wednesday, 21st August, 2019 for running 2nd semester students (Batch II) of Civil Engineering Department. At present, Link road campus is functional with the availability of Civil and Bio-Medical department however Pharmacy block is in under-construction phase with the Bench mark title of prestigious Sardar Yaseen Malik Block. Taking this opportunity of in-house learning facilities at Link road campus, Acting Chairperson, Engr Syed Faraz Jafri formulated this interactive field visit along with entire faculty and students while the trip was made successful in terms of learning and observing site construction activities of this mega project. This site visit has also transformed as the part of present curriculum of subjects in fact the students shall also be assessed for this activity considering OBE domain.

Initially, it was strongly suggested by chairperson to maintain safety during the visit. In this connection, safety jackets and helmets were provided as the prime safety consideration to visit any construction site. Not only that, gadgets like traffic safety cones was also utilized to barricade visitors and construction activities. Civil Engineering department is always available with safety equipment for students and lab staff ensuring practical performance on standard note. With the involvement of faculty members on particular site, Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri elaborated in detail about general construction activities like stone soling, steel placement, formation of plinth beams, concreting, formwork etc along with on-site real examples. Quick tasks related to measurements of building components were also given to students in order to get them engaged and produce interest in similar profession.

This site visit is an achievement of department which is striving hard to maintain the balance between taught Engineering courses and industrial trainings that shall be helpful for professional career of future graduates.

3rd BoS, Department of Civil Engineering, ZUFEST

3rd BoS, Civil Engineering Department, ZUFEST has done on Tuesday, 20th August, 2019 in North campus. The meeting was organized under the supervision of Convener, Acting Chairperson, Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri followed by faculty members and experts from academia and Industry. The meeting is successfully accomplished with approvals of agenda items including curriculum and courses of Engineering and Technology program along with the concept to initiate Architecture department under the capacity of ZUFEST. Important decisions are made considering inputs from expert members and market demands of Civil Engineering profession.

Education Expo 2019

Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology participated in The News Education Expo 2019 held on 22nd and 23rd June 2019 at Expo Center, Karachi. Many students visited the stall to inquire about programs and related details. Many students who were interested in the programs filled in the Pre-Interest forms for follow up. Students were also facilitated through on spot registrations for Engineering, Technology and Management courses.


On 18th June 2019, ZUFEST conducted a workshop for career counselling and stream selection for the students of Study collegiate. This session was arranged and coordinated by Engr. Shehzad Naseem. More than 150 students visited and actively participated in this session.

The session aimed to offer comprehensive services to students regarding decision making for the future and making the audience aware of the multiple career options available. Information related to leading universities and various courses was also shared.

Moreover, participants were briefed about facilities that Ziauddin University provides to their students including the state of art laboratories at both campuses (North & Link Road). After the session, there was a Q/A session, where students got their queries answered satisfactorily.

The career counselling session was ended by presenting Memento to the Principal of Study Collegiate, a Renowned Educationist & Philanthropist Mr Rehan Ather

After the session, a guided campus tour was arranged for the students. The senior faculty showed them the Library, Labs of Software Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Department and Bio-medical Engineering Department. Lab Engineers of ZUFEST briefed them about the equipment and work that’s being done in labs.  Innovative projects designed by students of ZUFEST were centre of interest.

Overall, this was an extremely enriching experience and participants wish to be a part of such workshops in the future as well. They thought they can stay ahead of the curve with such opportunities to enlighten them.

2nd Board of Studies EE

Second Board of Studies (BOS) for Electrical Engineering Department was held on February 6th 2019. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif (Chairperson of Electrical Engineering Department). Academic and industrial experts has discussed and approved the minutes of First BOS meeting with full confidence, suggestions to improve the curriculum of BS Engineering and BS Technology were given by the experts. Furthermore, the elective course of post graduate program was approved with minor amendments.

The following members participated in the meeting:

  • Engr. Prof. Fahad Azim (Professor, ZUFEST)
  • Engr. Dr. Munaf Rashid (Associate Professor, ZUFEST)
  • Engr. Syed Waqad Ali (Assistant Professor, ZUFEST)
  • Engr. Dr. Mohsin Awan (Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, NED University)
  • Engr. Dr. Dure Shawer (Associate Professor, NUST)
  • Engr. Syed Ibrar Ali (Ex Chief Operating Officer, K-Electric, Karachi)
  • Engr. Hassan Farooq Janjua (Deputy General Manager, K-Electric, Karachi)
  • Engr. Furqan Ahmed (Senior Manager Electrical, Pakistan Security Printing Corporation)
  • Engr. Ashfaque Ahmed (Senior Lecturer, ZUFEST)

WORKSHOP on Planning, Writing, Defending and Publishing Your Research

Workshop on Planning, Writing, Defending and Publishing Your Research was organized by ZUFEST on 27 – 28 April 2019.  This event blended various components of quality writing concepts and personal planning for progress in the field of academic writing.

Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Munaf was the Resource Person who addressed various issues and their solutions related to research and academic writing skills as well as tackling respective challenges from the perspective of career development.

Following were the major topics covered in this workshop by trainer:

Problem Formulation and Objectives, Literature Review, Searching Techniques for Digital Libraries, Research Methodology and Design, Evaluation of Research Methodology and design., Gantt Chart and Milestones, Preparation and writing the Research Proposals, Preparation and writing of Thesis, the Art of giving presentations and defending topic of presentation, Citation and Referencing in research using EndNote. Hands-on training was given on Zotero, Turnitin, MS Visio, OneNote and MATLAB.

In this workshop more than 32 individuals participated and certificates were awarded to every participant.

Aloha Novato 1.0

On March 9, 2019, ZUFEST Student Council held a welcome party for freshers and farewell for pass out batch by the title of Aloha Novato 1.0 in Janus Banquet.

The purpose of university management to organize a Welcome & Farewell Party for the student of ZUFEST, was to have a great start as a treat for the newcomers of this year and a farewell for students of Batch-6 who have their convocation in year 2019, so they can have a last chance to cherish their time at the university with us.

The program started by Munira Muhammadi from Biomedical Engineering and Raza Ansari from Software Engineering hosted the entire event. The program proceeded with the audience of about 200 people with the students from all the department of ZUFEST morning and evening shifts &  faculty members who included, Dr. Fahad Azim (Associated Dean) Dr. Munaf Rashid (Chairperson Software Engineering Department), Dr. Sarmad Shams (Chairperson of Biomedical Engineering Department), Engr. Shehzad Naseem (Chairperson Management Technology Sciences Department), Engr. Abdul Rashid Memon, Engr. Syed Waqad, Engr. Salman Marfatiya, Engr. Ali Asghar, Engr. Ashfaque Ahmed, Engr. Mohsin Khan, Engr. Vanesh Kumar, Engr. Nazia Ejaz, Engr. Kamran, Engr. Mehfooz, Engr. Taha, Miss Tooba Munir, Engr. Sadia Aziz, Miss Tabinda Naveed, Miss Faiza Inam , Sir Sarmadullah, Sir Hamza, Sir Waleed Ahmed & Engr. Umer Ahmed.

Furthermore; the speech from Areeba Afzal in which she cherished her time at the university. Then Alishan & Huzaifa Ashraf took the stage for giving the titles to batch 6th along with their fine sense of humor. Then students from various departments showed their talent in singing and civil department took the floor with their traditional dance performance. After that the newcomers Talha Saleem from Biotechnology and Shehzeen Fatima from Biomedical Engineering shared beautiful piece of poetry with us. Then Aneel John Edger from the pass out batch did an amazing standup comedy. Hareem from Biomedical Department sang an amazing song with the Sensational Band, one of the best in Karachi that had the youngest 8 years old drummer of Pakistan. The whole event was not possible without the executive committee of ZUFEST student council, & volunteers.

There was an arrangement of scrumptious lunch for all the attendees. The whole experience was a source of enjoyment for every one as it gave us a source of unfading happy memories.

6th Board of Faculty Meeting for ZUFEST

6th Board of Faculty (BOF) meeting of ZUFEST was held on Thursday, February 28th 2019. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Fahad Azim (Associate Dean of ZUFEST). The meeting was started with recitation of Holy Quran by Dr. Sarmad Shams. After that Dr. Munaf Rashid (Secretary BOF) presented agendas to the members with the permission of worthy Associate Dean. Every department bring minutes of their concerned BOS as one of agenda items in BOF. ZUFEST Undergraduate policy was the main matter of discussion and thus through detailed discussion the house approved that Policy, which will implement w.e.f Batch-2018 and onwards.

Following members 6th Board of Faculty (BOF)

  1. Dr. Fahad Azim (Associate Dean/Convener BOF)
  2. Dr. Muhammad Asif (Chairperson, Electrical Engineering)
  3. Dr. Munaf Rashid (Chairperson, Software Engineering & Secretary BOF)
  4. Dr. Sarmad Shams (Chairperson, Biomedical Engineering)
  5. Zubair Iqbal Rao (Associate Chairman, Civil Engineering)
  6. Shahzad Nasim (Chairperson, Management Technology & Information Sciences)
  7. Dr. Abdul Aziz Ansari (Professor, Civil Engineering)
  8. Dr. Saad Jawaid (Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering)
  9. Syed Waqad (Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering)
  10. Salman (Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering)
  11. Vanesh Kumar (Lecturer, Software Engineering)
  12. Zareen Hussain (Deputy Director/Nominee, QEC, ZU)
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