6th Board of Faculty Meeting for ZUFEST

6th Board of Faculty (BOF) meeting of ZUFEST was held on Thursday, February 28th 2019. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Fahad Azim (Associate Dean of ZUFEST). The meeting was started with recitation of Holy Quran by Dr. Sarmad Shams. After that Dr. Munaf Rashid (Secretary BOF) presented agendas to the members with the permission of worthy Associate Dean. Every department bring minutes of their concerned BOS as one of agenda items in BOF. ZUFEST Undergraduate policy was the main matter of discussion and thus through detailed discussion the house approved that Policy, which will implement w.e.f Batch-2018 and onwards.

Following members 6th Board of Faculty (BOF)

  1. Dr. Fahad Azim (Associate Dean/Convener BOF)
  2. Dr. Muhammad Asif (Chairperson, Electrical Engineering)
  3. Dr. Munaf Rashid (Chairperson, Software Engineering & Secretary BOF)
  4. Dr. Sarmad Shams (Chairperson, Biomedical Engineering)
  5. Zubair Iqbal Rao (Associate Chairman, Civil Engineering)
  6. Shahzad Nasim (Chairperson, Management Technology & Information Sciences)
  7. Dr. Abdul Aziz Ansari (Professor, Civil Engineering)
  8. Dr. Saad Jawaid (Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering)
  9. Syed Waqad (Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering)
  10. Salman (Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering)
  11. Vanesh Kumar (Lecturer, Software Engineering)
  12. Zareen Hussain (Deputy Director/Nominee, QEC, ZU)

Ziauddin University (FEST) Inter departmental Gaming Competition

ZUIGC’2018 was organized by ZUFEST student council on15th December 2018 and it was at its heart competitive and a depiction of positive energies. Such a gaming competition was organized for the first time in the history of Ziauddin University. The students at Ziauddin invested their blood, sweat & tears to make sure the event was able to create a niche. The participants were from various universities and colleges. The gaming competition consisted of three top tier games namely Need For Speed (Most Wanted), Counter Strike & Fifa 18. 

The participants were an amalgamation of undergraduate students from different bachelor disciplines (including different universities)  and faculty members.

FIFA 18:

FIFA 2018 was one of the games that were played by the participants .There were total 7 players competing for the title .The game proceeded with two semi-final and a final showdown between Musab and Abdul-Rehman who tried to gave their everything into the battle for the cash prize of Rupees 5000.


Another game that was played among the players was Need For Speed (Most Wanted) .It  was the presence of zeal and thrilling sensation amongst the faculty members who gave their ten thousand percent to play like seasoned players along with the student. There were approx 30 players from ZUFEST and different universities throughout Karachi. The games really picked up an even fun pace after the first round. Every round was “at the edge” as it was highly unpredictable and cut-throat.

The final show down was between Hamza Khalid and Shujaat and they both put up an amazing fight. Ultimately Hamza Khalid was crowned as the winner.

Counter Strike was the game that had the most adrenaline rush as it took the longest duration and had the most participants. It had 13 teams ,each consisting of 5 members who had gone head to head with each other for the prize money of  Rupees 10,000.It took 4 rounds to finalize the winner. The final took place between team legend and team battle 7.The home team that was battle seven couldn’t make it and the reward was taken by team legend

These  three games really stood out as it brought the best out of the players and the more coy audience’s also let loose the excitement they had been containing .The response was great as we had players from other educational institutes .ZUFEST looks forward to organize such event in coming future.

IEEEP All Pakistan Students’ Seminar

Jointly organized by NED University and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan, the 34th IEEEP All Pakistan Students’ Seminar took place on January 15th, 2019 in Karachi Pakistan.

About 25 presenters from 12 different universities took part and demonstrated various projects. Their presentations covered topics on Energy, Power, Electronics, Biomedical, computer systems, AI etc., and gave a very diverse but inter-disciplinary flavor to the event.

The participants were fresh graduates and the purpose of the event was to demonstrate the ideas and capabilities of the engineers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

4 of the projects displayed were from the graduating students of ZUFEST (Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology).

Mahwish moiz,Javeria Jawed , Aneel John and Ibad ur Rehman presented a project on ‘Mobility analysis aid for lower limb disabilities using static walker.’ This project won 2nd position in the Gold category. It was supervised by Dr.Muhammad Asif and Engr.Nazia Ejaz.

Luqman Hashim, Maryam Younus, Rumaisa Amin and Moied Akhtar presented a project on ‘Gloves for monitoring Hand Motions’. This project won 1st position in silver category. It was supervised by Dr.Sarmad Shams and  Engr.Salman.

Other projects included a ‘New and inventive automated treatment system for chemotherapy drug preparations’ by Syed Hasnain, Ahmed Anwer, Areeba Shakeel, Mustafa Khan.It was also supervised by Dr.Sarmad Shams and Engr. Waqad Ali.

Dilawer Hussain, Alishan Gangani, Abbas Khan, Nadeem Shah also participated and presented a project on ‘Design and development of human leg motion recognition and classification system using artificial Intelligence techniques’. Their project was supervised by Dr.Munaf Rashid and Dr.Sarmad Shams and.

The event was overall successful and gave the graduate’s opportunity to present their work to a wider academic community and gain useful feedback, critique and appreciation.

We congratulate all the winners and hope that Ziauddin University (FEST) will play a more important role in bringing a revolution in the field of technology and will make Pakistan a more prosper country.

Proteus simulation and PCB designing

This workshop was organized by ZUFEST on February 23rd, 2019 and Engr. Taha Shahzeb (NPEC Pakistan Navy) was called to deliver a lecture and demonstrate the designing and fabrication of a PCB.


Designing the PCB:

The Protues software was introduced and a short tutorial was given on how to use the software to design and simulate a common circuit. The circuit practiced in the workshop was a water level circuit used in water tanks.

Fabrication of the PCB:

After the water level indicator circuit’s schematic and graphic simulation had been completed, the students were taken to the ZUFEST garden for the physical part of the workshop. A copper sheet was sawed keeping the dimensions of the circuit in mind. Then the designed circuit was printed on this circuit board.

The board was prepared and treated with Ferrous Chloride solution. After which it was drilled and fitted with the required components to complete the circuit.

The workshop was an overall success and the students had took advantage of the opportunity that had been given to them by the University. Useful information was gained, and the students got hands on experience of printing the circuit boards individually under the observation of the experienced trainer.

2nd Board of Studies Meeting for Software Engineering Department

Second Board of Studies (BOS) for Software Engineering Department was held on February 20th  2019. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Munaf Rashid (Chairperson of Software Engineering Department). Experts from academics and industry has discussed and approved the core points of First BOS meeting with full confidence, also they put some suggestions to improve curriculum, attainment of CLOs/PLOs & PEOs and Survey forms. The members also approved Lab Rubrics for OBE based Lab assessment.

Following were the experts of Second BOS Software Engineering:

  1. Prof. Dr. Aqeel ur Rehman (Chairman, Department of Computing, Hamdard University)
  2. Dr. Shehzad Hasan (Chairperson, Computer Information Systems Engg., NEDUET)
  3. Dr. Muhammad Mobeen Movania (HoD, Computer Science, DHA Suffa University)
  4. Engr. Sheikh Faisal (Account Manager, IBL-Unisys Key)
  5. Ms. Zareen Hussain (Deputy Director/Nominee, QEC, ZU)

Study Trip at Soorti Textile Mills, Karachi

Study trip for 3rd semester students has been organized on 14th February, 2019 at large construction site of Soorti Textile Mills, Karachi. Purpose of this trip was to familiarize the students with real challenges of construction world. They have visited concrete batching plant for technical exposure along with the basic learning domains. Concrete construction and its onsite technological features were elaborated by deputed Site Engineer to respective students of Department. The said trip is organized by entire team of Civil Engineering department followed by focal person Engr. Muhammad Kamran, Lecturer, ZUFEST.

Commencement Day 2019

Faculty of Englneering Science & Technology, Ziauddin University welcomes Batch of 2019 on Commencement Day

BBQ Party

Rock the BBQ party and musical night at ZUFEST, organised by Student Council ZUFEST. Event held on 7th September at North campus

ZUFEST students pay tribute to martyr Rashid Minhas (NH)

The Faculty of Engineering Science & Technology (ZUFEST), Ziauddin University in a series of celebrating Defence Day on 6th September with the theme of “Humain Pyar Hai Pakistan Se” yesterday visited Nishan-e-Haider Rashid Minhas Shaheed’s grave and offered Fateha.

Dr. Samreen Hussain, Dean of the ZUFEST on this occasion paid rich tributes to the martyr and his family who gave sacrifice for safeguarding the country. The death of a martyr is the life of the nation. We salute to the martyrs of Pakistan and their families, she said.

Defence Day is being celebrated on September 6 to mark the 53rd anniversary of the 1965 war with India and the sacrifices of the Pakistan armed forces who fought valiantly to defend the homeland. The day is celebrated across Pakistan every year to pay tribute to the sacrifices of the soldiers who fought valiantly and martyrs who laid down their lives to protect the motherland.


Ziauddin University Link Road Campus

Civil engineering students performing surveying practical at Link Road Campus using protective equipment and accessories

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