Students of Ziauddin College visited Link Road Campus

Students of Dr. Ziauddin Intermediate College visited Link Road campus on 19th February, 2020. The purpose for this trip is to encourage students for further studies in available disciplines of ZUFEST. While visiting Civil Engineering Department, Acting Chairperson Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri and Departmental Coordinator, Engr. Khawaja Sheeraz motivated students for Civil Engineering profession by showing them advanced equipment in Civil Engineering laboratories. Visitors from college were also glad with this activity.

Study Visit at Sardar Yaseen Malik Block (Pharmacy Building)

In order to have better learning and practical exposure, students of Civil Engineering Department once again visited the under constructed Pharmacy building at Link road campus (Sardar Yaseen Malik Block) on 13th February, 2020 followed by Lecturer and Lab Engineers of Department. Students of respective batches had educated in relevant domains of Concreting and Slab Pouring on particular site.

Departmental Meeting, Civil Engineering

Departmental meeting by Acting Chairperson, Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri with all faculty members was organized on 29th January, 2020. The agenda of meeting was the discussion on complete preparations of PEC Interim Visit which is scheduled on 11th February, 2020. Tasks were assigned to all faculty members in said meeting by Chairperson.

Field Visit for Civil Engineering Students, Batch I & Batch II

On 9th January, 2020, a field visit was arranged for students of 3rd and 5th semesters, Civil Engineering students. The visit was proposed for Road and Culvert Design on Mehmoodabad Construction Project (2.5 kms length approx.) having client, consultant and contractor are Government of Sindh, Engineering Associates (EA) and Kaimkhani Brothers (KKB) respectively however the focal person of study trip from department was Lecturer, Engr. Muhammad Kamran. The said trip is useful for students in terms of gaining knowledge of infrastructure design and appropriate construction procedures.

Acceptance of Journal Research Paper

A research paper entitled “Strategic Traffic Crash Avoidance translating Scatter Plotting Evaluation Model” has been accepted for publication in “Journal of Mechanics of Continua and Mathematical Sciences” (JMCMS). The authors of respective publication are acting Chairperson, Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri and Departmental Coordinator, Engr. Khawaja Sheeraz.

Delegation visited Department of Civil Engineering, Link Road Campus

On 25th November, 2019, delegation from University of Huddersfield visited Department of Civil Engineering Link road campus. Initially Dean ZUFEST gave elaborations on academic activities of ZUFEST/ link road campus. Further visit of Civil Engineering laboratories was also carried out. They appreciated the advanced equipment present in Civil laboratories and description given by acting Chairperson, Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri and Departmental Coordinator, Engr. Khawaja Sheeraz.

Training of Civil Engineering Lab Equipment

Since 26th November, 2019 onwards, training of Civil Engineering Lab equipment is in process by vendor to all Lab Staff and Lab Engineers of Civil Engineering department. This practice is adopted for proper installation, calibration and handling exercise of equipment when it is required to use for laboratory classes.

Lab Open Ended Activities in Department of Civil Engineering, ZUFEST

As per the requirements of OBE system, open ended activities were arranged during the month of November 2019 for couple of subjects. Open ended activities are meant for students to get along with practical exposure of subject matter pertinent to technical evaluation and analytical stream by their own. The Civil Engineering subjects covered in this activity are Surveying and Geo-Informatics against 2nd Semester and Engineering Geology against 4th Semester however the concerned instructors were Engr. Jahanzaib Sherani and Engr. Wajahat Ali respectively.

Lab Equipment, Department of Civil Engineering, ZUFEST

During the month of November 2019, advanced lab equipment is received in Department of Civil Engineering, ZUFEST, Link road campus. Currently, the department is in lines with the availability of basic and modern equipment of Civil Engineering domain when compared with other public and private universities. The latest equipment includes a wide range from the fields of RCC, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geology and Soil Mechanics.

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