BS Electrical Engineering


Ziauddin University was established in 1986, the prime knowledge area was Medical Sciences and at present ZU is among top five medical universities of Pakistan. Ziauddin is currently offering degrees in Medicine, Pharmacy, Bio-Medical Engineering, Allied Health Sciences, Media and Communications, Physical therapy, Nursing, Dentistry, Software Engineering, Electrical Technology, Speech Language & Hearing Sciences. On the front of Post Graduate Program, Ziauddin University holds a strong background in Clinical research and has produced several PhDs.

Ziauddin University has recently established Faculty of Engineering Science & Technology. The endeavors of ZUFEST are Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering & Software Engineering. As per the mission of University, Department of Electrical Engineering besides under-graduate program also proposes MS/Ph.D. programs to meet research needs of society and offer afavorable environment for knowledge acquisition and professional grooming in various streams of Electrical Engineering.

Department Vision

To be the best at serving society with the acquired skill set in the domain of Electrical Engineering and Technology.

Department Mission

To impart and disseminate quality education in electrical engineering and produce graduates that conduct high-quality research and develop breakthrough technologies and contribute to the national and international scientific and socio-economic growth.

Program Educational Objectives

  • To produce graduates that are technically skillful and competent to formulate, analyse and solve problems using appropriate engineering tools and techniques.
  • To produce effective and employable graduates that successfully & ethically practice electrical engineering and in related fields.
  • To produce graduates motivated for lifelong learning & create new knowledge & technical solution through research & development.
  • To produce graduates with the capacity of work as effective team members & strong leadership qualities.

Scope of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is essential for all engineering disciplines and its scope is vast and unlimited. It covers the domain of electronics, computer, instrumentation, communication and control engineering. The applications of electrical engineering vary from design, commissioning, production and testing of hydroelectric, thermal and renewable as well as nuclear power plants, to the domestic and industrial consumption and appliance control.

The BS Electrical Engineering program at Ziauddin University organized with the study and applications of electricity generation, distribution, transmission and consumption for industrial and domestic usage.There are remarkable career opportunities for an Electrical Engineer especially in Pakistan as well as in other countries across the world. The current economic and industrial growth in Pakistan also increased the demands of an Electrical Engineering many folds in industries, education and research institutes.

Eligibility Criteria

The criteria for students seeking admission to BS Electrical Engineering are as follows:

  • Minimum 60% marks in HSC (Pre-Engineering Group)/ A Level or an equivalent qualification, Diploma of Associate Engineering in Electrical/ Electronic/ Telecommunication Technology or relevant with 60% marks in the relevant discipline are required for admission.
  • Students are required to take a written test and appear for an interview.

Under extraordinary circumstances, the Vice-Chancellor, on the recommendation of the Dean/Chairperson concerned may allow migration of a student from other recognized institutions to the university and vice versa, provided that:-

  • The academic councils of the institutions are agreed on the migration of student.
  • The courses of studies are equivalent. The credits earned in the previous institution may be permitted to be transferred to other institutions to which the student migrates.

Fee Structure

Admission Fee (Only once) Rs. 25,000/-
Tuition Fee (per annum) Rs. 180,000/-
Examination Fee (per annum) Rs. 17,000/-
Security Deposit (only once and refundable) Rs. 25,000/-
Tax @5% Rs. 12,350/-
Total Rs. 259,350/-

Scheme of Study for B.S. in Electrical Engineering

First Year Courses

Semester - I
Code Course Cr. Hrs.
HS-101 Islamic Studies 2+0
HS-104 Functional English 3+0
NS-106 Applied Physics 2+1
NS-109 Calculus & Analytical Geometry 3+0
EE-103 Electrical Circuit Analysis 3+1
CS-105 Computer Fundamentals & Programming 2+1
Total = 18
Semester - II
Code Course Cr. Hrs.
HS-103 Pakistan Studies 2+0
HS-114 Communication & Presentation Skills 3+0
NS-112 Differential Equations 3+0
EE-101 Workshop Practices 0+1
EE-108 Electronic Devices & Circuits 3+1
CS-112 Object Oriented Programming 3+1
Total = 17

Second Year Courses

Semester - III
Code Course Cr. Hrs.
HS-221 Technical Report Writing 2+0
NS-201 Linear Algebra 3+0
EE-211 Electrical Network Analysis 3+1
EE-212 Digital Logic Design 3+1
EE-214 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing 0+1
CS-211 Data Structures & Algorithms 3+1
Total = 18
Semester - IV
Code Course Cr. Hrs.
NS-221 Complex Variable & Transforms 3+0
EE-233 Instrumentation & Measurements 2+1
EE-231 Electrical Machines 3+1
EE-232 Electromagnetic Field Theory 3+0
Total = 16

Third Year Courses

Semester - V
Code Course Cr. Hrs.
EE-324 Probability Methods in Engineering 3+0
EE-325 Signal and Systems 3+1
EE-354 Electrical Power Generation 3+1
EE-351 Power Electronic 2+1
EE-321 Microprocessor & Microcontroller Systems 3+1
Total = 18
Semester - VI
Code Course Cr. Hrs.
NS-321 Numerical Analysis 3+0
EE-355 Power Distribution & Utilization 3+1
EE-331 Communication Systems 3+1
EE-341 Linear Control Systems 3+1
XX-XXX ID Elective – I 2+1
Total = 18

Fourth Year Courses

Semester - VII
Code Course Cr. Hrs.
MS-410 Engineering Economic & Management 3+0
EE-451 Electrical Power Transmission 3+1
XX-XXX ID Elective - II 2+1
EE-XXX Elective - I 3+0
EE-499 Final Year Project – I 0+3
Total = 16
Semester - VIII
Code Course Cr. Hrs.
MS-XXX MS Elective – II 3+0
EE-452 Power System Analysis 3+1
EE-XXX Elective – II 3+0
EE-499 Final Year Project – II 0+3
Total = 15

Elective Courses:

Social Science (Electives)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
HS-401 Sociology 3+0
HS-402 Professional Psychology 2+0
HS-201 Critical Thinking 2+0

Management Sciences (Electives)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MS-410 Engineering Economic & Management 3+0
MS-413 Professional Practices 2+0
MS-411 Professional Practices & Ethics 3+0
MS-412 Professional Practices & Social Ethics 3+0
MS-414 Project Management & Entrepreneurship 3+0
MS-415 Leadership & Entrepreneurship 3+0

Electrical Engineering (Electives)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EE-461 Advanced Electrical Machines 3+0
EE-353 Power Electronics and Industrial Drives 3+1
EE-453 Power System Protection 3+0
EE-454 Power System Stability & Control 3+0
EE-462 Advanced Electrical Machine Design 3+0
EE-463 High Voltage Engineering 3+0
EE-464 Renewable Energy Systems 3+0
EE-465 Digital Signal Processing 3+1
EE-466 Digital Control Systems 3+1
EE-467 Analog and Digital Communication Systems 3+0
EE-468 Integrated Electronic Circuits 3+0
EE-469 PLC & Industrial Drives 3+0
EE-471 Electronic System Design 3+1
EE-472 Robotics 3+0
EE-473 Mechatronics 3+0


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